Server Nightmares - Bad Tipping and Rude Customer Stories

Before I can leave where I work I have a list of things/chores that need to be done (like most servers) Where I work we close at 11, guess who came in at 10:56. I greeted him at the door, just one guy by himself, expecting a really late carryout, which wouldnt be as bad. Just to be clear, I was holding a mop at this moment, which he could see and our hours are on all doors.

me: “did you have a carryout?”

him: “nope, I’m here to eat.” *smiles*

me: *hides cringe face*

him: “how are you doing tonight?”

me: “great (not said sassily, somehow) how are you?”

him: I see your salad bar is down.

me: it’s typically down by 9:30.

him: oh.

he then orders 4 pieces of garlic bread and a soda, for which I got to reassemble the soda machine. He stayed for about half an hour and tipped me a dollar. Thank you sir.

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I was a server at a casual diner-style restaurant. I was juggling four tables in my section on a busy Friday night, when a man waved me over to his two-top. When I arrived, he picked up his woman’s burger and said, “I specifically heard her say ‘no mustard’. Don’t try to tell me she didn’t because I heard. And there’s mustard on this.”

I said, “I’m sorry about the mix-up, I’ll-”

The man tossed the burger like a Frisbee at my torso and declared, “You had ONE JOB!”

Oh, do I? One job? Your girlfriend’s burger condiments are my sole responsibility this Friday night? I wish I’d known that before. I’d have been a lot less stressed out. Too bad you had to throw food at me to communicate that.

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Holding Back Hell

On December 10, 2013, in Rude Customer, by Oliver Summers

Football games always bring out the worst in certain customers. From the drunk, to the stupid, to the angry. Its one of the most annoying days to work, next to holidays but that’s aside the point. At any rate, it was roughly 6:45 pm and the football game had wrapped up between Alabama vs Auburn, with Auburn being the champion of the match. Now, I’m not really big on football nor do I really care about stuff like that. At any rate, we immediately went busy with many customers taking their frustrations out on us, via their lost bets or anger over Alabama losing. But this one guy, in-particular is what really set me off last night.

So, I was once again the order taker and cashier as I have been doing for the past year or so. I was rushing back and forth trying to take care of everyone while also having to make the drinks and hand out everything in one swing. A customer, comes onto the mic and beings his order immediately. As rude as it sounds, I had to hold him because this lady was having a debate with me about 30 cents tax which was also ridiculous. The customer beings rambling on the microphone so I rush to take his order. He says, Large Fry, Large Coke. Okay, simple enough I tell him the total and he arrives shortly after.

Now, the fun begins. After handing out his food he gives me the usual “I’m better then you” death glare from my previous little adventure and requests the manager. The manager takes my place and he starts yelling at her in frustration.

Rude Customer: Listen up lady, why in hell is your employee holding back orders, when the mic clearly says to order when ready.
Manager: Well sir, we get busy sometimes and we can’t do more than one thing so we have to hol-.
Rude Customer: I do not give a flying f*ck if your busy or not, you take my order the moment I get on the speaker or I’ll report your “nagger” ass to the corporate.

My manager, then decides to outsmart him by saying.

Manager: I’m sorry sir, but we’re no longer corporate as we are now owned by a different company.
Rude Customer: Fine, I want my god damn refund now.
Manager: Fine

So, she sets off to get the refund to this jacka-… I mean delightful customer when all off a sudden he calls me out.

Rude Customer: Hey, never mind get me another large fry, now.

Oh terrific, so now we have to cancel the refund, put the money back in the register, and make the large fry again for this guy. Angry, Frustrated, and determined to make us miserable. He throws the fry at my manager and completely misses. As the day progressed, more people like this showed up and it was an all nighter for me.

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On November 25, 2013, in Restaurant Stories, by Raquel

Alright everybody, I just gotta say something for once.
I don’t know how servers do it. I feel like my job is really tearing me down, I’ve been serving for almost two years now and I cannot stand going to work anymore! I guess I wasn’t cut out for this kind of thing but I really don’t have any other job choice right now. I am supporting myself, paying bills and rent, and trying to pay for college and to know everyday, every table, that the amount you will be paid all depends on how this person feels?!

We can no longer place gratuity on our large parties where I work, since the company has been sued by some customer who didn’t feel h/she should have to pay it. Now, what makes anyone think that a party of ten or more (who is already spending somewhere upwards of a $100) would feel the inclination to tip a decent percentage of AT LEAST 15%? Most likely, not. So, what measures do we have to keep from getting screwed when we devote our whole section to some large party who is highly demanding, a whole lot more work, and a lot more time consuming?? Nothing. I got a zero on $200, after they thanked me for my service and told me I was a good waitress.

How is this ok? I have seen the worst at my job.  An irate customer coming into the kitchen and threatening to jump the expo worker if he got charged for his steak, which didn’t come out the right temperature. That’s ok, right? I mean, the customer is always right after all! So the company can overlook that, but when a customer gets mad at two hostesses for laughing with each other, then they almost lose their jobs? Seems fair.

I have so many awful stories I don’t even know where to begin. I know this is a rant, but that’s why I came here to let it out so that, hopefully, when I’m at work I won’t feel like such a miserable and angry bitch.

On that note, to all those customers out there who are decent and nice people, I honestly don’t really care about the money. Thank you, sincerely, for coming in and giving us servers a little bit of hope in our day. Something little like the way you treat others when you go out can really have a great impact on someone, whether that be lifting them up so they can get by, or tearing them down with your negativity. You can say a lot for yourself by your conduct at a restaurant.

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Rude,messy parties

On November 25, 2013, in Restaurant Stories, by Kammy

I work in a mexican resturant. We of course serve chips and dip free with meals. We are on a wait every day of the week, and especially Sundays. Last Sunday, I was in the party section which meant I wasn’t in rotation, but would get the big parties. We had a party of 25 come in. About 10 were kids. The busboys pulled some tables together while I got chips and salsa for the table. I even got some little soup pitchers and put extra salsa in those.

Well, I got everyone’s drink order and appetizers.  They order thier food and every single child was eating off the parents plate. Our managers do not charge for child drinks, even if you don’t order a meal for the child.  Well, it was like 8 or 9 seperate checks. They then complained about all the waters rung up. When we put in the number of people, we put waters down as the kids drink.

They weren’t charged for them. They complained to my manager about the gratuity.  My manager explained that we add gratuity to tables of 8 or more people.  Well they paid and left. I went back to start helping the busboys and wanted to scream.  They dumped bowls of chips on the floor and stomped them into crumbs. I had to sweep it up with a broom and it took forever. At least I got the gratuity tip which was 50 bucks.

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