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Debit Card Freak Out

On July 10, 2012, in Bad Tip, Rude Customer, by admin

work at a chain restaurant which sees its fair share of lunatics. Okay, more then its fair share. It is also small enough that usually only one server is on a shift, and they are with the customers from seating throughout the entire meal. I knew this was going to end badly when I seated a woman and her two children, who she proceeded to call ass clowns at her preferred booth.

How endearing of her… Anyways, the meal went rather smoothly, I cashed out her debit card, and got a ”wonderful” three dollar tip. Now that wasn’t the problem here. About an hour goes by and this lady STORMS back in the dining room from where ever she had been, and starts screaming.

Mind you, I probably have at least seven tables at this time, and they could hear her loud and clear. She starts yelling at the top of her lungs about how much of an idiot I am and how I overcharged her card blahblahblah. But here’s the thing.. payments made with a card at our restaurant aren’t closed out until after midnight.

So one, this is impossible and our computers won’t even let us put in more than the bill was, and two, I didn’t overcharge her card. She then starts going on about how I’m causing her an overcharge fee because of my stupid mistake. And what does my manager do? She doesn’t really defend me, just tells her that I would never intentionally do that and I’m a good employee. Only later to go back and check and see that I didn’t overcharge her. Assholes.

Submitted by: Danae 

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  1. jeff says:

    Sounds like a total bitch. She didnt even have enoigh in her account for a simple meal? Lehooser

  2. Jeremy says:

    Your restaurant may have a policy in which they authorize a credit/debit card for about 20% over the actual check amount so it ensures they have enough for both the bill and the tip, Even though you don’t close out your credit cards until later that night, the authorization hits your card immediately.

    So lets say her check was 50 dollars, it authorized for 60 dollars and she may have known she only had 55 dollars in her account and thus once the authorization hit the bank counted 5 dollars as overdraft, banks don’t wait until the charge is finalized they do it immediately.. So she probably got an alert emailed to her shortly after.

    Most people are not aware of this practice by restaurants but a lot of them do it and in her case she got hammered because of it. Maybe you can now understand why she got upset, even though someone with that little in her account probably shouldn’t be going out to eat.

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  5. CoolMichelle says:

    Sounds like a scam to get the restaurant to pay her $25. What a trashy “ass clown.”

  6. Brian says:

    Yes, idiot customers don’t realize that it will authorize the charge but not put it through until the end of the night batch.

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  8. You Know It's True says:

    Hey, what can I say? Women are stingy b!tches with nothing between their ears. Women are CR@PPY tippers, and they suck as diners. They jump to conclusions like little babies WITHOUT examining the facts…and they NEVER apologize for being retarded morons.

    You Know It’s True :P

  9. gomgomboy says:

    i got one , a short one , i work in a thai restaurantand we do not serve lemonade ( i know ) so this lady said ” go see if the people in the kitchen will run to the market and get some lemon to make me some lemonade ” so i said ” what else would u like? a tap dance? ” then she looked at me and stormed off , her husband said ” that was not nice to u ” well no shit sherlock! the moral of the story is this , if u want the customer to come back u would give them a nice service BUT! what if u don’t want them to come back? nice service still?

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